We Plug In a proven “Lead Follow-Up” Process into Fitness Businesses That Don’t Have a Systemised Approach to Follow Up 100% Of Their Leads, 100% Of the Time

We help fitness business owners generate new clients and increase revenues by thousands of pounds by helping them follow up on every lead with our proven follow up system that has been developed over 16 years of working in the Fitness industry.

Upgrade to “FLF Bespoke” and let us visit your facility and staff and teach you for 2 intense days of training, in the art of follow up and sales. We give you a written “Blueprint for Success” to save you even more time and generate quicker sales for your business.

The “Blueprint for Success” includes Personalised Sales Call Scripts and proven sales techniques, SMS templates, Consult and No Show Follow Up systems and much more.

What Makes Us Different?

Find out how “The FLF Method” is changing the way facility owners operate their businesses, giving them a proven system to contact 100% of their marketing generated leads and finally stop leaving money on the table.

Save Time

We created a systemised approach so you contact 100% of your leads via calls and automated texts. Using our 7, 14 or 21 Day Follow Up Workflows.

Increase Revenue

We will help you fill your gym, your Front End Offer or your taster sessions with trialists, paving the way for you to sign them into Recurring Paying Members with your service.

Peace of Mind

Knowing that all your leads are contacted leaves you happy to focus on other important areas of the business.

The Plan


Book a Call with FLF Founder Barrie Mark

16 years as a PT and owner/operator of the award-winning Barrie Mark Personal Training as well as Fitness Business Coach for clients across the globe, Barrie will introduce FLF and advise how we can help.


Go Through Our Onboarding Process

Meet your account manager, let us take a deep dive into your business during our Discovery Call and get to know the in's and outs of your business.


Agree a Start Date

Set the start date to implement your lead follow up process.


Let FLF Systemise Your Lead Follow Up

Be confident that 7 days a week, your leads are being contacted with automated voice notes from you personally, text messages and daily trigger reminders for you to make those all-important calls to your leads...

Are You Ready to Start Converting More Leads Into Clients?

Find out how we can help you by click the button to book a call.

What Our Clients Have to Say About Us

"For us its about having more time to focus on the other stuff, like marketing and coaching, while they look after your leads."

Daniel Poulter

Muscle Fitness UK

"Working with FLF has given me time back to work on important parts of my business."

Chris Bowman

CB Fitness

"It's made the business more money by getting more people through the door."

Michael Quirk

Eat Train Live

"It takes the weight off of having to call leads. Game changer!"

Sean Laidlaw

Beyond Limits Coach

"We've been getting about 30 sales a month without any effort - I haven't been making any phone calls or chasing anyone up."

Steven Paffett

Ouch Potatoe

"FLF have given me so much more time for my self and my family, knowing my leads are going to be contacted."

Bruce Budden

Ultimate Fitness Airdrie

Why Use FLF in Your Business?

  1. 1
    We will show you how to use our time proven FLF Method to maximise the results from your lead flow.
  2. 2
    FLF founder Barrie Mark has been personally responsible for thousands of sales calls for his own Personal Training business over the last 15 years, his team use the proven conversations he has used over that time to book in your leads for your sales call, gym tour, or taster sessions.
  3. 3
    Why spend thousands on marketing if you don’t have a systemised approach to your follow up. Stop leaving 70% of your leads waiting for you to contact them. The FLF Method can contact 100% of your leads, 100% of the time.

Our Approach

We use a 3 Phase Approach to Lead Follow Up based around KNOW, LIKE & TRUST

Phase 1

Engage all new, fresh leads over 7, 14 or 21 days using our Workflows via call, text or video message.

Phase 2

Re-engage all old leads in your pipelines that are yet to purchase from you using reactivation calls, texts and emails.

Phase 3

Nurture all your non-buying leads with weekly emails until they are ready to buy.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I try FLF to see if it fits for my business?

Book a call with Barrie Mark today to see if FLF is the right fit.

How much does FLF cost?

You can pay in full or spread the cost over 12 payments depending on the package that’s right for your business. Prices start from as little as £91pcm +VAT

Is there a minimum sign-up period?

12 month agreements.

Are You Ready to Start Converting More Leads Into Clients?

Find out how we can help you by click the button to book a call.